Kemp, aka “Cheewoowoo” is a 6 year old Chihuahua who loves his people. He loves to squish next to them and snuggle.
He even wraps his neck across them to show how much he cares.
Cheewoowoo is a happy little guy that loves to go for walks and rides in the car. He’s a pretty good walker, and walks daily with his foster family. He has no problem keeping up.
Cheewoowoo is very vocal and growls sometimes. He even does it when he’s getting a head rub. He can get a bit crabby though so young children are best off not around him…. although he does not dislike them. He has an eleven year old human foster sister that he absolutely adores. He sits next to her and sleeps in her bed. At night he pulls a blanket over himself and drifts off to sleep.
Cats are a little too interesting to him so he needs a home without them. Kemp is fine with other dogs, but since he’s so people oriented, he doesn’t need a dog brother or sister.
Kemp will be your best friend for life, give you daily hugs, and keep you company:)