We are committed to our animals for life. We cannot make a difference without our valuable foster volunteers.

You can make all the difference for a homeless pet by giving the animal time to adjust and a chance for lots of love while waiting for a new home. You’ll enjoy the reward of helping an animal leave a difficult life behind and become a cherished pet.

CAWS provides veterinarian care and advertises and screens for good adoptive homes. You provide the transitional foster home and lots of love. Once an animal is rescued and in the foster home network, it will stay with CAWS until it is adopted. Sadly, there are never enough foster homes. Please consider welcoming a foster animal into your home.

Fill out an application & become a CAWS foster today!

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“Why I Foster”–Stacey, CAWS Foster Mom

“So everyone asks why I foster, and how I can let them go… here’s the answer! Niko was close to death when he was picked up by animal control. If there weren’t fosters, CAWS couldn’t have pulled him before he was euthanized. We opened our home to him for 2 weeks, helped him gain some weight, and gave him love as he had never known before. Because of these 2 weeks, we were lucky to spend with him… he found a real family that loves and spoils him rotten. This Easter picture is the best way I can explain how it’s worth the heartache of letting them go to have their perfect life.”

Before Rescue

After Rescue