Puppies under 6 months: $300
Dogs 6 months–10 years: $200
Dogs over 10 years (senior): $100

Adopters who complete a training class with a puppy will receive a $50 refund from their adoption fee. An adopter completing training with an adult dog (non-senior) will receive a $25 refund from their adoption fee. Enrollment in classes must be made within 30 days of adoption and it must provide a copy of the completion certificate in order to receive the refund.


Kitten (Less than 1 year): Single $85 or Pair $125.
Adult (1 thru 9 years): Single (or Pair) $65
Mature (10+ years): Single (or Pair) $40
Kitten adopted with an Adult: $100

We strongly recommend that most cats have a feline “sibling” in their forever homes & therefore we offer special pricing for pairs.