We Interrupt this Puppy Season to Bring you Parvo

$550 of $600 raised

UPDATE – 3/7

Whew! We made it! After 4 long (and we mean LOOOOONG) days of pulling out all the stops, all 5 of our little Poodle mix puppies have pulled through! We are so thankful for our veterinarians who help and give us direction with the life-saving medications that we could afford to purchase because of all the incredible donations that we have received! This multi-life saving effort paid off tremendously and we are so thankful to everyone who jumped in, stayed up late, and gave it all to save them.

All 5 puppies are back to normal- playing, napping, snuggling, and just all-around feeling great! Yahoo!!!








Spring is the time for puppies. It’s also the time for dirty, nasty parvo to rear its ugly head. Our precious litter of shepherd x poodle puppies made it to our care only to show signs of the deadly parvovirus.

Fortunately, we have an experienced team of volunteers who are caring for them and noticed early on that something was just not right. A parvo test quickly confirmed that we had a 5 puppy, potentially deadly, mess on our hands.

Each puppy requires around the clock and precise care. Under the careful direction of our skilled vets, we know we must keep them hydrated, medicated, and know when to start each step of their care all while monitoring and supporting their little systems while they fight!

Our in-home care for these babies is currently at $600, and with a whole lot of love, care, and luck- they will survive.

We need donations to cover the costs of these life-saving medications. Please help us by donating TODAY!

Much love,
The CAWS Dog Team

Thank you to all the parvo puppies kind donors:
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Uschi Gerschner

$50 March 9, 2021
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Kelli Rapich

$25 March 3, 2021
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Sharon Goodsell

$25 March 3, 2021
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Magie Bode

$50 March 3, 2021
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Brenna Nye

$25 March 3, 2021
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$25 March 2, 2021


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