Saving Little Molly Brown!

$975 of $2,500 raised

Update – 11/7/2019

Well Miss Mollie Brown has left us speechless. Her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous and she has earned her title!

This precious little spit-fire has been nearly impossibly to slow down. She is revved and ready to run and play with the other foster dogs in her home. They are equally excited to see her feeling great as well and have been very helpful in her recovery.
All of Mollies cognitive is back on track, we see a little wobble here and there still but we are expecting her to make a FULL recovery.

What a huge WIN for all of us!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to help us give her the life saving treatment she needed. Because of your generous donations we have nearly covered her medical costs!!! Donations are still needed if you are at all able to pitch in to help us cover those costs.

Thank you everyone! ❤️

UPDATE – 11/3/2019

Quick update for those of you who are following Mollie’s story! We are happy to report that she was able to finally leave the ICU yesterday and made it safely to her foster family. She has continued to make improvements throughout the day and although still very wobbly, she is finally able to stand up and move around a bit! Traumatic Brain Injuries require time and strategic care to help the brain heal slowly and carefully. Little Miss Mollie Brown is still in need of your help and financial support while she is improving and while we continue to fight towards her recovery.

Thank you to all of the generous donors who have helped us get this far, your generosity is so very much appreciated.

We are still in need of help! Please consider donating to help us raise the funds needed to save this precious girl ❤️
Much love,
The CAWS Team








On this seemingly normal day, Mollie Brown was hanging out with her mom and litter-mates while her family went out.  Upon their return, she was found unresponsive.  A frantic rush to the closest pet ER, and with just enough grace, she was miraculously brought back to life!  What happened during that short time?  Was she smothered?  Did her mother dog attack?  Is there a larger underlying medical condition that we are just not able to see yet?

What we know for sure is this: Head trauma, and now we also think a Traumatic Brain Injury.
Another frantic and desperate plea from the veterinary staff to see if CAWS could help.  They can see the light in her eyes, she has a fighter spirit!
The owner can’t cover it. It’s us or death.
On this day, we choose to fight with her!  Will you help us fight for her?
The little unsinkable Molly Brown deserves a chance!  At just 8 weeks and 2 lbs, this little poodle x pekingese baby has so much life to live.
She has shown such strength in such a short time and we think she has a fighting chance-  She needs another 24 hours in emergency care which includes, testing, oxygen chamber, around the clock medical coverage and special fluids to help bring down the swelling in her brain. With this proper treatment we expect her to recover. We are currently looking at $2500, possibly more.
CAWS can NOT take on big, and yet hopeful medical cases like this without donations.  WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL HELP!
Please donate today, and help us save her.
Much Love,
The CAWS Team

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