The Great Wiener Rescue

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Great news, these special wieners are finally settling into their foster home and are responding well to medication, as we had hoped. Souls are softening, heart rates are slowing, vision is getting better, and making lots of all-around improvements daily.
Tomorrow is a big day for all of them as they will hopefully be ready to undergo some pretty major surgeries which will (for now) include a tumor removal, lots of dental work and some spay and neuters. Our fingers are crossed that the vet finds them to be in otherwise good health so that we can set the course to find them loving homes next.
We do think it’s likely that some may need to stay together as they have always been there for each other.

Keep them in your prayers and watch for a positive update in the next couple of days!

Thank you for your support!








Years of neglect and rough handling shows in the eyes and on the souls of our most recent Mini Dachshund rescues. These 5 (possibly more in the coming week) little dogs ranging from 6 months to 16 years, are all related and come from one of the most horrific hoarding homes we’ve ever seen. Despite the neglectful and abusive conditions they have been living, they are sweet, kind, and longing to trust a kind hand.

Dental decay like we have never seen, grotesque infections, loss of vision, tumors, severe pain and and badly damaged souls- all years overdue for attention.

Each one of these precious little Doxi’s will need major dental work, medication, surgery to repair and/or remove damage, as well as spay/neuter and all vaccinations.

Our starting estimate is $2500, with an unknown amount of underlying issues.  We are fully committed to delivering the relief they have been praying and hoping for, and without question, deserve.

Please help us help them. They need and deserve this care that we are committed to see them receive. Your generous donation will make that dream a reality. Thank you for your consideration today!

The CAWS (wiener) dog rescue team



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