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Frightened and in pain, little “Tessie” sat waiting at the shelter hoping for help. One of her rear legs was hanging limp and she couldn’t use it or her tail.
The shelter staff fell in love with her sweet face and reached out for help. The request caught the eyes of a CAWS foster who offered to take her in as a foster so CAWS pulled her from the shelter. Once “Tessie” was in our care, we noticed that the area where her upper leg should be was extremely swollen and she dragged it and her lifeless tail behind her as she tried to walk. Despite any pain that she might be in, “Tessie” enjoyed a whole bowl of food while waiting for her veterinary appointment and refused to sit still for long. She wanted to get around and explore even though her foster Mom wanted her to rest.

The diagnosis from the veterinarian was daunting. Her tiny hindleg was broken in two places – at the part that goes into the pelvis and again right above the knee so there would be no option for repairing the fracture. “Tessie’s” tail was also broken in two places and she had multiple, abscessed bite wounds around her legs and rear end. The vet was concerned that her severe infection could cause her to become septic so something had to be done right away, despite “Tessie” only being six weeks old and weighing just 1 pound and 12 ounces. The only chance that”Tessie” had was immediate surgery.

After a grueling wait, “Tessie’s” foster Mom was called and the veterinarian explained that her wounds had been cleaned, flushed and treated and she was already on antibiotics and receiving IV support. Her useless leg and tail had been removed and she was doing well with no complications.
Once “Tessie” was home in the loving care of her foster Mom, “Tessie” showed us that she was looking forward to a happy, long life by shakily, carefully standing up and doing the cutest little hop-jump on her 3 legs!

In times like this, “Tessie” is a sweet and loving reminder that perseverance and love can conquer obstacles and that the future is bright once you give up what is holding you back or causing you pain.

Our rescue is funded 100% on the generous and kind donations of our supporters. We are raising money to cover the cost of her amputation, which after our rescue consideration, was $608 total. We’re hoping that you will donate what you can to help us cover our costs. CAWS and “Tessie” appreciate all donations regardless of the amount and we thank you for supporting us so that we can continue to save animals like “Tessie.”

Thank you to all of the Tessie’s kind donors:
Anonymous User

Sean Barrow

$25 September 5, 2020
Anonymous User

Michelle Rommel

$105 September 5, 2020

I hope Tessie is feeling better and finds an amazing Forever Home! Thank you CAWS for saving her!

Anonymous User

Andrea G

$100 September 4, 2020
Anonymous User

Michelle Robison

$25 September 3, 2020
Anonymous User

Kyra watts

$5 September 2, 2020
Anonymous User

Travis Johnson

$100 September 2, 2020



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