Stitch and the No Good, Very Bad, Tummy Ache

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UPDATE – 3/12

We wanted to send out a quick update and let you all know how much we appreciate all of the ways that you support us and help us to help these dogs! We still don’t know what exactly the problem was with stitch but he is FEELING GREAT finally! A stomach or intestinal infection? Blockage? Just that dirty Parvo bug reeking havoc on his poor system? We just can say for sure. Our supportive care was the ticket however and along with the direction and medications received from our vet he has made a full recovery, yahoo!

The cute little girls and his mom in his foster home are smitten with him, and he with them. Thank goodness he helped us fight and that patience and perseverance pays off- thank you to everyone!








Parvo, that dirty bugger, again.

A positive parvo test sends even the most seasoned caregivers into a panic and puts the shelter on high alert. With a committed team on it, we rushed to get him the care he would desperately need to survive the deadly parvovirus.

After around-the-clock care and three days of touch and go, Stitch was stable. He had made just a small amount of improvement, but not enough to make us confident we were on the right track. Despite feeling absolutely terrible, this pup has never wavered from being affectionate, not giving us an ounce of grief during his treatment. A last-minute, late-night visit to see our trusted vets confirmed he had other issues – possibly poison? Intestinal infection? Foreign body or blockage? …at this point it is still unknown. This poor puppy!

X-rays, abdominal exams, blood work, and life-saving drugs now on board, Stitch is showing some wonderful improvement. He has improved, but not enough to be in the clear. Our vet bills are sitting at $700 and will continue to climb. We need help to cover these costs so that we can help this abandoned, but a so-very-worthy pup, survive.

Please HELP us by making a donation TODAY to help us cover his medical costs and save this sweet and loving boy!
XO- Stitch and the CAWS Dog team

Thank you to all of Stitch’s kind donors:
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Kimiko Miyashima

$25 March 11, 2021


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Sarah Teasdale

$25 March 11, 2021
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Katie Baucom

$100 March 11, 2021
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Merissa Graves

$25 March 10, 2021
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Kari Huth

$100 March 10, 2021

Get well soon Stitch!!!!

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Heatber Sullivan

$25 March 10, 2021

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