Skylar Needs Your Help to Walk Again!

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Sweet Skylar is in trouble and we need your help.  This sweet guy has been with CAWS for over a year now, working with personalized trainers to help him find the right home.  We have been happy to see him making progress! Tragically, last week a volunteer noticed that Skylar was having a really hard time walking and standing.  Within hours his whole back end was paralyzed.  Frantically we rushed him into our ER vet to find out what was wrong.  Unsure if he had a blood clot or a spinal cord injury we quickly started an aggressive steroid treatment plan in hopes of reversing the obvious damages from the unknown cause of this tragic injury.

The first 24 hours showed zero improvement.  The vets gave us a very little 1% chance that this guy would ever improve. Without the ability to control his lower half his quality of life would be zero.  We were devastated.
…But make no mistake, Skylar is a fighter.  It would seem all hope was lost, however he started showing improvements that we didn’t think were possible! He is by no means out of the clear, but over the past week Skylar has regained control of his bodily functions and has been able to stand and walk with support. We feel he has a fighting chance!
He has spent the last week under 24 hour vet care and our current costs are at $2000 with another $1500 in medical care and physical therapy to follow.
Skylar wants to fight to live and CAWS needs your help to fight with him!
We have been overwhelmed with big medical cases lately and are desperate for donations to help deserving dogs like Skylar.  Please consider helping us with a tax deductible donation today, every single dollar counts!
Thank you for helping us save as many as we can!
UPDATE:  Skylar has received treatment!  Thank you to everyone who has donated!

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