Saving the Seniors

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These are the eyes of an abandoned and severely neglected senior pet. So is the story with many of our seniors, however, Patty and Betty have us speechless. Covered in mats and embedded weeds, horrible and painful rotting teeth, miserable past-due grooming, and desperate for the most basic care- now turned frantic. Living for years, possibly their entire lives, in desperate need of someone’s help. Here are their stories:

Meet Patty:
This senior, petite Maltese girl arrived at a local Utah shelter with thick, thick overgrown hair. All of her potty parts caked and smothered in mats so thick that it just continued to stick to her as she relieved herself, causing further pain and infection. Her nails are so overgrown that they are full circle and now growing back into her footpads. Eyes thick with gunky mats of hair, causing painful crusty coatings on both of her eyes. To add, obvious signs of multiple litters- all in this condition… Can you imagine the pain? The misery? The smell? Multiply that.

Meet Betty White:
This senior Shih Tzu gal was found astray, wandering, covered in hot, thick mats. When she finally made her way to the shelter, a local groomer shaved it off like a pelt. She has tons of foxtails burrowed in her chest and feet. Cysts and abscesses were growing under her miserable coat, in the sweltering summer heat. Painful and putrid rotting teeth- years overdue for care. An uncomfortable old cherry-eye injury. How long was she this way? No one came for her. Why was no one looking?

Patty and Betty; their stories are far more common than you might think. Vetting for a senior dog like this will cost us $500+ per pup, plus weeks of aftercare to get them feeling better and healthy enough to move on to a new chapter in their lives.

It’s worth every dollar. Worth every day. These dogs have lived in misery for far too long for us not to spring into action and provide the overdue medical care they are desperate for.

Please help us bring the much-needed relief for these senior girls. At CAWS, we have a passion for all animals but the seniors hold an extra special place for many of our volunteers. Help us care for them by donating to get them back on their feet, and on to a brighter future!

We are a 501c3, non-profit animal rescue group and can only help animals like Betty and Patty when we have the funds to cover the costs of their medical care. Please donate TODAY to help us, help them!

Much appreciation- The CAWS Team

Thank you to all of Alvin’s kind donors:

Connie Driggs

July 25, 2021

From my senior CAWS boy to these two old senior girls

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Lynsey Butler

July 16, 2021

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Lisa Rico

July 15, 2021

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Tiffini Sorcic

July 13, 2021

These poor babies. Thank you so much for helping them!!

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Megan Crivello

July 13, 2021

We adopted our Otto from CAWS. We miss him every day, but we are always grateful to CAWS for taking care of him and bringing him into our lives.

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Ann Schreck

July 13, 2021

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