Saving Cole, Beating the Parvo Beast!

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UPDATE – 1/11

We are thrilled to report that Cole has finally been released after 4 long, very long, days of hospitalization, IV medication, emergency care, and a feeding tube to boot. This guy beat the odds and the dreaded parvo beast thanks to a fantastic and committed vet staff at MedVet Sunset and also because we had the financial support of our donors!
Cole was able to go home to his foster family yesterday afternoon on specific care and take-home meds and has continued to improve- yay!

His survival comes with a $4900 bill, and we have been incredibly blessed to have received $3626 in donations to help us cover that, as of noon on Jan 11th. We are still hoping to raise funds to cover these costs and to allow us the ability to help in emergency situations like this. Any donations made will help us do that- Please consider a donation to help us cover these life-saving treatments for Cole!

Much love, and gratitude- The CAWS Dog Team!













Cole is a giant breed puppy with an even bigger heart and soul. This sweet guy arrived so desperate and so SO sick, after spending days with minimal care and testing positive for the dreaded parvo.
His back end is raw with sores, his face drained of energy, non-stop vomiting, and diarrhea- he needs emergency care- we need help to get that for him! His past owners begged for help after doing all they could. In order to save his life, he needs the hands-on care of a professional team that can give him round-the-clock care, keep him hydrated, and makes sure that his system is properly supported. This comes at a hefty cost to us and we can only help in situations like these when we have financial support to afford it. Our current estimate is $3000, and a minimum of 48 hours of hospitalization. This is the key to his survival.

Cole has been through literal hell, and he is hanging on, fighting for his life. Help us help him fight! Please donate to help us get him well! Any amount helps.

Thank you to all of Cole’s kind donors:
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Melanie Hess

$3,256 January 12, 2022
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Dallas May

$10 January 12, 2022
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Rilie Atkinson

$10 January 12, 2022
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Kat Abke

$100 January 12, 2022
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Adrienne Isbell

$25 January 11, 2022
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Kate McCune

$25 January 11, 2022

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