Anne Bonny the Pirate

$975 of $600 raised


She’s three weeks post op and doing great. She runs, plays fetch with he foster brother, and even tried swimming tonight.


Bonny had her surgery today! Dr Norman successfully removed her back leg, leaving her with a small nub. She was spayed, vaccinated & chipped.
She is such a sweet natured little girl, we are excited to see her personality come out as she heals!








Sometimes, no matter how full we are or how short we are on fosters or funds- we just say YES.  Yes we will take that dog and we will make it work.  Sometimes you come across a situation that is so horrific that we are speechless- like when we were asked to help Bonn​y​.  This darling little gal was found astray, walking around with 4 legs and 3 feet.  (yes, you read that right)  How did this happen?  How long has she been this way, suffering in pain?  Was she caught in a foot trap?  Attacked by an animal?  No one will ever know how she lost her foot but we are frantic to get her in and fixed up quick. Currently this little gal is awaiting a life improving amputation, with her leg bones exposed at the injury site.  Please help us get sweet little Bonn​y​ the swift medical treatment she is desperate for and deserving of, by donating TODAY!  Our amazing vets are able to get her in on Monday at an estimate of $600.  Your tax-deductible donation will help Bonn​y​ receive her amputation!

With much appreciation,
The CAWS Dog Team


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