Minnie, the Tiny Warrior!

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Painful knees that won’t allow her to walk like a normal dog, rotting teeth, sinus infection, AND a hernia?   Poor little Minnie has been living this hell for far longer then any animal should ever have to suffer.  Born with a genetic condition called luxating patella, Minnie can’t put pressure on her back legs without severe pain and discomfort. When treated early, this condition can be fixed.  However, poor Minnie was never given this opportunity.  Bad knees aren’t this little girls only issue. She was also left with a hernia that most likely formed when she had puppies, as well as severely rotted teeth that are causing an infection in her sinus cavity.  Minnie has the heart and soul of a champion and has found creative ways to work around her pain and disabilities- by walking on her front feet!  While this seems neat, she is causing further wear on her fragile little body and is still living with excruciating pain.  After consulting with our Vets it’s been determined that Minnie can undergo surgery to fix the better of her two legs, giving her a chance at a normal and relatively pain-free life.   CAWS is anxious to help get this little warrior back on her feet but we need YOUR help!  We will also be fixing her painful teeth, treating her sinus infection, repairing the hernia and spaying her- the cost to fix her up is around $1100.  Please help us by donating today!



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