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Update on Minnie – October 29, 2018

On Monday, October 29 th , Minnie had her luxating patella surgery in her left hind leg. Dr. Norman said that Minnie was brave and did very well. He explained that she had a very flat patella ridge. (This means the kneecap doesn’t seat snugly in the groove, making it pop out either medially, to the inside, or laterally, to the outside.) Subsequently, Dr. Norman said he had to deepen the  wedge or in simpler terms, cut a deeper “V” in the joint to help hold the kneecap in the grove. Minnie is home now with a boat-load of pain and anti-inflammatory meds. We’re trying to stay ahead of the pain for our precious girl. They shaved her leg, so she looks rather like a chicken, and she has non-dissolvable sutures (big X’s on her knee, which is perfect timing since Halloween is right around the corner). Dr. Norman will take out her stitches in 2 weeks, but Minnie will still need to take it easy for a couple more weeks.


From the minute we removed her from the New Mexico transp

ort crate, Minnie was happy and loving.  This little 7-pound girl was already spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped; all she needed was a groom and she’d be ready to find her forever home (or so we thought ☹).  When Minnie was having her spa day, our groomer noticed that this precious girl had a pretty significant luxating patella. The groomer said she could feel her patella pop out of the socket each time she lifted Minnie’s back leg to trim her nails.  (A luxating patella is condition in which the patella/kneecap dislocates or moves out of the socket. Can you imagine how painful that would be to have your kneecap come out of the socket with every step?) Upon hearing this news, we immediately took Minnie to see our awesome vet, Dr. Norman.  After examining our pup, Dr. Norman advised that she has a Grade 2 luxating patella in her left hind leg. The doctor says she definitely requires surgery now, otherwise Minnie will eventually become lame and have difficulty climbing stairs/steps, running, and even going for walks. Minnie is only 3 years old; she has her whole life ahead of her.  Won’t you please help us give her a pain-free future? She is such a sweet deserving pup.


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