Maggie and Her 7 Pups

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Update – 2/27/2020

Maggie has bounced back from her surgery extremely well and is a wonderful mother. Thus far, Mags has been able to feed all of her pups on her own, without any supplemental bottle feeding from her foster mom. We’re keeping a close eye on the pups’ weight chart to ensure all babies are gaining appropriately. For those who can’t tell these pups apart, here is the breakdown: We have two girls, Violet and Evie, that have unique coloring – Violet is black and Evie is a lighter brown. The multi-colored brown twins are Doc and Roxanne (Doc has a blaze on his forehead and Roxanne doesn’t, and there’s the gender difference). The triplets are pretty hard to tell apart, unless you look closely. All three are sable brown with white feet and a white collar. They all have white blazes (albeit different sizes). Opal has a big blaze, that looks like a feather. Natalie and Alice also have white blazes, but Natalie’s blaze is medium size, and Alice’s blaze is skinny. The pups have gained an average of 4.33 ounces each since birth. Their eyes will open at two weeks, so we still have another 8 days to wait. Right now these babies are eating and sleeping. They don’t make any noise, unless Mom accidentally lays on one of them, then they give her hell!




























Maggie, while in heat, was either dumped or lost, and spent two really terrifying weeks running scared in an open field in New Mexico. Good Samaritans were able to finally trap her, but not soon enough! By the time we were able to pull Maggie from the high kill shelter and get her to Utah, she was already 30 days pregnant! Her foster mom made the decision to see her pregnancy though. About a week before we thought she was due, we had x-rays done to see how big the puppies were and how many she was having. We were shocked to see that a little 9-pound Chihuahua mix was having 7 puppies! The vet said that none of the puppies looked really big, and thought she could possibly deliver on her own. When the day came (02/20/2020), Maggie went into labor, just like she was supposed to. However, her first puppy got stuck in the birth canal and it became apparent that we might lose that puppy and possibly the other 6 if we didn’t act fast. We contacted Dr. Verona at the Animal Care Center. She advised us to bring Maggie in immediately. Dr. Verona gave her a quick once over and said she needed an immediate cesarean section if we had any chance of saving these babies. Dr. Verona strongly suggested we spay Maggie at the same time as the C-section, so as to only have her under atheistic once. Of course we agreed and are happy Maggie will never have to go through this ordeal again. The process for a C-section (when spaying is included) is that the doctor removes the entire uterus and then takes the babies out one-by-one and suctions out the nose and mouth, dries them vigorously, and rocks them up and down until they start crying. The pup stuck in Maggie’s birth canal did not respond to the suctioning/rubbing/rocking process; he was gone, or so they thought. But the wonderful staff at ACC performed CPR and mouth-to-mouth and miraculously brought our only boy back to us. After several hours, we got a call from Dr. Verona that momma and her 7 puppies (1 boy and 6 girls) were all doing well. We were so grateful to our wonderful vet and made the decision to name our puppies after her. We named our single little boy “Doc”; and our 6 girls V – Violet; E – Evie; R – Roxanne; O – Opal; N – Natalie; and A – Alice! Doc V-E-R-O-N-A. We were able to pick up the entire family from ACC that afternoon. Emergency C-sections and the additional medical care of momma and her 7 puppies are quite costly. If you can help us in any way to offset the costs, we would be deeply appreciative. We will be sending out updates as this sweet little family progresses!














Thank you to all of Maggie’s kind donors:

Pan Peterson

March 1, 2020

We rescued a chiweenie from the Humane Society in May last year. This could have been her story! She is 9 lbs and at some point had puppies. Thanks for taking such Great care of this … Read more

We rescued a chiweenie from the Humane Society in May last year. This could have been her story! She is 9 lbs and at some point had puppies. Thanks for taking such Great care of this momma and her babies. I hope that Beatrice was so lucky!!!!

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Christina Steele

February 28, 2020

Amount Donated
In honor of Shilo Skye E.

Jill Chiles

February 26, 2020

Dr. Verona is the best. 🙂

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Anna Tribolet

February 26, 2020

Keep up the great work, CAWS! You’re awesome!! And Dr. Verona is the best! 😃🎉

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Ada Prins

February 26, 2020

Thank you for saving her and her pups' lives!

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Deborah Martin

February 25, 2020

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