Jolie’s Fight to Survive!

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Update – 10/14

Sweet little Jolie is a fighter! She came to us with serious, life-threatening injuries that were NOT fresh. This incredible little fighter is sweet and gentle, soft and affectionate. Jolie is doing AMAZING! Under the worst of conditions, she has risen up and beaten the odds. Both injuries to her neck have completely healed over and you would never guess she’s an amputee- she moves about so methodically. We are so incredibly thankful for the support we have received to help her on her journey.
We will update as she continues to recover- for now we send our gratitude for the support!













Her leg was busted in half, both ends of the bone sticking out of her little leg, and with two gaping holes on either side of her neck. She was likely attacked by another animal. How she survived we will never know. Even more shocking was that these injuries were not fresh, but infected and oozing.

One of our rural Utah shelters received sweet little Jolie, desperate and severely injured. The shelter rushed her to our Vet hoping to get her immediate help. This itty-bitty kitten was so mangled, so damaged, and yet- still clinging on to life!

When the shelter people and vet staff met her, she purred and welcomed any affection- her face showing so much appreciation for the love and care she is receiving. Our team of trusted Vets feels like she has an excellent chance of making a solid recovery with amputation and proper wound care over the next few weeks.

Her immediate medical costs for the amputation and wound care will run us into the $800 range and we need help to cover these costs and to provide her the medication and follow-up care she will require to be well again.

Please help us help her!

Thank you to all of Jolie’s kind donors:


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