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UPDATE – 2/18

We are so incredibly sad to report that our sweet little Indy passed away 24 hours after surgery, surrounded by her army. She underwent a very intricate surgery to correct a life-threatening liver shunt that was unsuccessful. She fought a valiant fight and touched the hearts of everyone she met. We are so thankful for all the support and donations we received in an attempt to save her life. Run wild and free our sweet, sweet Indy.

UPDATE – 1/29

Indy is doing SO MUCH better after spending Monday with the staff at Med Vet in SLC. She is well into a week of some great meds that have her acting like the happy, rambunctious and outgoing girl she is.
We are so, so relieved. Surgery is on track for next week at Med Vet here in SLC and we are feeling exceptionally good about it!

This update is as much about how she’s doing as it is to let you all know that we have been able to raise the money needed to cover all of her medical costs AND her surgery next week!
To say we are humbled would be an understatement.
Thank you, thank you- to everyone who has helped us pull together for this little fighter! YOU DID IT!

Keep sending those positive vibes her way for perfect surgery and a quick recovery next week!

All the feels, and all the love,
Indy and The CAWS Team!

UPDATE – 1/27

So many wins with our sweet Indy over the past 72 hours!
She is relieved to be home resting with her foster family and is finally starting to feel better. We are still not out of the woods with her, however, we finally have a plan and understand what our next move for her will be.

After a long and scary weekend, hospitalized in ICU at Advanced Veterinary Care, she was released on Monday to meet up with a soft tissue specialist that ran more diagnostics to determine if she was still a candidate for surgery. You can bet we all had a sigh of relief when we found out that she is! He felt the best chance she had at surviving this life-saving surgery was to take a couple of weeks on some corrective and binding medications that would work to help her body move the toxins, and build-up of ammonia, out of her overwhelmed, bloated, and fluid-retained little system. We have seen a good improvement in her overall wellness and demeanor with these meds over the past 48 hours and feel confident that we are finally helping her move in an upward direction. Whew!

Once we can get her whole system running as well as possible, she will be ready for surgery- scheduled now for February 9th here locally in Utah and with a very qualified and skilled team of doctors at Med Vet SLC. We are so thankful that we have this local resource, a knowledgeable surgeon, and his team, and feel very optimistic about her surgery and outcome.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support and donations we have received to help us cover the costs of her treatment this far and soon-to-be surgery that will save her life.
We have about $3000 more to raise to cover her medical costs. Please keep sharing her story and her information!
HUGE thanks, far and wide, to everyone who has helped us get this far. What a truly incredible village we have!

Much Love,
Indy and the CAWS Dog team!


Indy is holding the line, but still in desperate need of emergency surgery to correct her liver shunt. We have found a local surgeon who can do this surgery for her and we hope in the next couple of days! We need help to raise the money needed to cover this emergency surgery which will come at a cost of an additional $6000. Please donate and keep the good vibes coming- Thank you so much!


Sweet little Indy came to us after she was set to be euthanized for having a serious unknown medical issue. At just 6 months old, this sweet Heeler puppy had already survived parvo, been abandoned, and was now suffering from chronic tummy issues and raging diarrhea that left her feeling miserable, despite her efforts to put on a happy face.

We have been frantically searching for solutions, testing, tried various diets, and finally, after being seen by a specialist and getting an MRI we discovered that lurking below was a dirty Intrahepatic Liver Shunt (this is basically the worst kind) and it is literally killing her.

Tonight Indy is in ICU, fighting for her life. Her proteins are so low they are not registering on the tests. We are desperate to save her. Her poor little puppy body has already been through so much. SO MUCH! And yet she is still fighting with us, still has so much desire to live and be loved!

We are committed to her and to seeing her well. This will come at a hefty cost to CAWS- $5000 for the risky but life-changing surgery that only a specialist can perform. Her foster is incredibly committed and willing to travel to get her to this specialist who can do the surgery at the Colorado State Veterinary School in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Her diagnosis, treatment, and care so far have stretched us more than $3000 and we have no less than $5000 more in expenses WE NEED HELP!

We are a foster-based, volunteer-run, non-profit animal rescue group and only able to provide help to the animals in our care IF we have help from our amazing supporters and generous donors. Please consider donating TODAY!

Any donation will help her and help us provide her the treatment and surgery she is desperate for! She deserves to live and to feel well- Please DONATE TODAY to help us!

Much love-
Sweet Indy and The CAWS Team <3

Thank you to all of Indy’s kind donors:

Kelli Beougher

February 4, 2021

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Chelsey Zamir

January 30, 2021

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Beck & Bowie

January 30, 2021

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Beck & Bowie

January 29, 2021

Love from the Heeler Gang ❤️

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Katie McBride

January 29, 2021

Keep fighting sweet pup!

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Mary Radtke

January 29, 2021

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In memory of Bruno.

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