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“Years of well meaning, failed attempts to do right by multiplying dogs turned into a tragic and horrifying scene in the home of some Salt Lake area seniors. On the day that this horrific scene was discovered by authorities, more then 120 chihuahuas and terriers, stepped outside for the first time.”

Unfortunately, many times, these types of situations are not found out in time to help the animals who have been suffering, in most cases, for years. Can you imagine the extreme extent of dental decay so bad that now the jaw bone is broken, infected and in many of these dogs- rotted away?

The most recent hoarding case that CAWS was able to help has been just that, horriffic. Seeking out the kindest of eyes, with the most damaged of souls- we took 14 littles into the care of our loving fosters homes. All of these dogs were infested with lice and all needed immediate treatment. We have some with deplorable and painful rotting teeth and jaws, orthopedic issues that needed addressed years ago, skin infections from untreated bugs. All of them terrified to go outside.

With the loving care of our foster families and the quick action of our knowledgeable vet teams, we are working to get all of these neglected pups back up on their feet and on their way to much deserved, bright futures.

These are the times when we need your financial help the most. Our costs to rehabilitate these badly damaged 14 dogs is unknown at this time.

We are a non-profit, volunteer run rescue group and we need donations!

All money raised will go directly to our medical care to treat and rehabilitate these sweet pups, please consider any amount to help us do that TODAY!

We appreciate your continued support-
The CAWS team and the 14 littles


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