Henry’s Broken Leg

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Update – 10/14

Good boy Henry is doing GREAT! His leg is healing nicely, and he has been a trooper through the recovery process. We are seeing more and more use of his repaired leg each day and he is actively using it to chew on toys and bear weight.

He still has a couple more weeks of restricted activity but we are so happy with his progress that we wanted to update everyone!

Thanks to everyone who helped us make this success story possible!
Love, Henry, and The CAWS Team!

UPDATE – 9/30

Hooray! Henry made his date with the Orthopedic surgeon yesterday and feels very optimistic about his recovery! Today he is feeling better than yesterday and is eating and resting well. We are happy that he is in good spirits and on his way to walking comfortably on all 4 legs.

The surgeon was able to take the fracture and freshen both ends of the break, then plate them back in a straight line. We are super thankful that we got a second opinion and will be able to salvage the leg!

We are still in need of donations and still have over 1/2 of his medical bills to try to cover, any amount of donations are very appreciated! Thank you all so much for sending sweet Henry well wishes and donations to get him on the path to recovery- we are so grateful!

Henry and The CAWS Team

UPDATE – 9/23

Update on Henry- Good news and some not-so-good news, but MOSTLY good news!
After an x-ray and closer exam with a trusted vet, we have been told that (if you can believe it) Henry’s leg can be fixed!
He will need a specialist to do it and we have a board-certified team who has offered to get him in this next week for an up-close consult and same-day repair. This is really great to hear since 4 legs are much better than 3. Plus, he still tries to use the busted leg.

The downside to this information is that it will cost us $2500. We REALLY need your help to cover the cost of this life-changing surgery for this little dog, dumped and marked for euthanasia at an overcrowded shelter. He is precious, sweet, and happy despite all his trials.

Please help us help him! Donate today!














Sometimes we see the most unbelievable situations and critters entering our program- and we all sit and shake our heads, cringing as we frantically work to find an immediate solution. Henry’s story is much like that of other rescue dogs, reaching and stretching to be noticed, desperate to get the medical help they need… blending into the sounds and smells of an overcrowded shelter, mentally and physically exhausted employees, volunteers who work non-stop to put an end to the madness….

“It’s bad, and probably needs to be amputated”, was the message from the shelter staff hoping we could help.

With only a small amount of detail about a little dog with a severely broken leg, in an overcrowded shelter, our volunteers made a quick decision to help.

Henry arrived 2 days later. Filthy beyond comprehension, matts, thick chunks of solid and attached feces blocking all of his potty parts, embedded thorns, overgrown nails…stepping out of his crate, putting weight on a completely broken leg, tail wagging with excitement to meet his new friends- now THAT is courage and resilience.

This boy is SO precious, so sweet, so affectionate, and desperate for love and affection. So ready for relief and a fresh start.

We need help to remove this leg and hope to be able to have that safely done in the next couple of days. We need help to cover the cost of this surgery and his care afterward so that Henry can have the life he deserves- to be free of this injury and to be happy and healthy.

Can you help us? Please consider donating to help us afford this desperately needed medical care as we can only provide care for animals in this desperate situation when we have the funds to do so.

Thank you for seeing his value, and for helping us help him!
The CAWS Team

Thank you to all of Henry’s kind donors:

Tamara Garcia

October 13, 2021

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Elliana Fox

September 30, 2021

Hope this cute guy feels better soon, sending lots of love your way💕

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Lisa Rico

September 30, 2021

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William Murdock

September 29, 2021

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Darci Rose

September 29, 2021

Hang in there Henry!!!!! 💙💙💙

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Kristi Smith

September 26, 2021

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