Helping Georgie Work Out the Kinks

$85 of $1,000 raised

Sweet Georgie was found wandering and wobbling, desperate for help! This sweet little guy had suffered a severe back injury at some point, causing him to wobble and (barely) walk. Once in our care it was obvious that his injuries were severe, and needed to be addressed immediately.

This sweet little guy has a number of serious issues that CAWS is addressing- His back (likely broken at some point) heaves up into a point and makes simple things very difficult and painful for him. He has lost a good portion of feeling in his lower extremities and this has caused the top part of his penis to stay out.

Georgie is in good hands and being carefully cared for to be sure he doesn’t do anything too extreme, avoiding any further damage to his spine.
In the meantime we must cover the costs of a specialized surgery, to keep his penis inside his body so that it is protected. Our vets have also suggested an MRI.

We are unsure of where he came from, or what has caused this complicated damage to his little body but we are SURE that we will work to get him to a place where he can live like a dog should, with proper medical care and lots of love. His current costs are at $900 and counting, and we are unsure where they will go from here. Your donation TODAY will help us make sure that he gets the medical care he needs!

Thank you to all of the Tessie’s kind donors:
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Michele Orrell

$25 September 26, 2020
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Darci Rose

$10 September 26, 2020
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Tiffini Sorcic

$50 September 26, 2020



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