Helping Baby Louie- Emergency Elbow Repair

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UPDATE 10/14

Thank you SO MUCH for the out-pour of interest and support for our little baby Louie! We have been able to raise the money needed to cover his medical expenses- we are SO THANKFUL!
He was able to undergo surgery to repair his elbow and is sporting a splint for the next couple of weeks. He will be on strict crate rest and leashed potty breaks while he recovers. He is currently recovering with one of our seasoned foster families who is making sure he is very comfortable and safe. We are SO THANKFUL for our local Veterinarians and staff for rushing to get him help and into surgery- they worked late and went the extra mile to provide him care. Extra big shout out to ALL THE vets and staff who are working double-time to take care of all of these beloved pets. On Louie’s behalf, we ask that you be extra kind and considerate with these folks.

We will update you as he progresses- for now, WE DID IT! Many thanks to all of Louie’s incredible and generous supporters! xoxo











Help! Louie was surrendered to a local Utah emergency vet clinic to be euthanized because his elbow repair surgery (lateral humeral condyle fracture) would cost more than the breeder would make by selling him. This is an unfortunate reality of what often happens when a profit can’t be made in the breeding world. We will not stand for it!

The team of trusted vets and vet techs feel he is VERY deserving of a chance. This sweet puppy boy is just 4 months old and is happy, loving, sweet, and deserving of a long, quality life. Please, help us get him the surgery needed to repair his fractured elbow.

Purebred puppy or not- we think all young (and old) dogs deserve a chance at a good life. This surgery will run us up to the $2000 mark and in order to provide him this care, we need help. Please consider donating, any amount will help us save his leg and life!

Please help us, help him! -The CAWS Team

Thank you to all of Louie’s kind donors:

Ellen Bloedel

October 19, 2021

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Rachael Iverson

October 16, 2021

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Jessica Higgins

October 15, 2021

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Erin Rhees

October 15, 2021

I love you, Louie! Please get well!

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Sue Matherly

October 15, 2021

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Erica Burge

October 14, 2021

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