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UPDATE – 6/28

We are thrilled to let you know how GREAT Annabelle is doing! She is only 10 days post-surgery and has been using her leg, if only lightly, for at least a week. She is getting daily physical therapy in her foster home to maximize her mobility and also working to regain strength so that she has full use of it soon! She has another couple of weeks before she will have free reign however we are having to hold her back from trying to get back to life too quickly- she feels fantastic!!!

Thank you again to everyone who sent her well wishes and donated to help us get her back on track.
Lots of love- Annabelle and The CAWS Dog Team!








We are so thankful for the out-pour of support and donations to help us get Annabelle this surgery!
She was able to make the trip to see the specialist yesterday for surgery. We are all feeling VERY optimistic about her recovery and future use of the leg. We have a long 4 weeks of rest, restriction, physical therapy, and time ahead of us.

She is resting nicely and has been a champ for the ride back to her foster home. She slept well through her first night and has happily gotten up to potty and eat so far today- what a rock star!

We are still a ways from meeting our goal and would be SO thankful for any additional donations we might get that will help us afford this important surgery for her.

Thank you all SO MUCH!

Snugs and licks, Annabelle <3








After falling out of the back of a truck, Annabelle direly needed medical help to fix her badly damaged knee. An emergency attempt to fix the growth plate and twisted knee cap of her little 4-month-old leg were unsuccessful. After being abandoned at a small-town vet clinic, broken and forgotten, she was surrendered to a rural Utah shelter- desperate for help!

The shelter staff was frantic to find help for her as they knew her medical care was urgent. Our volunteers quickly picked her up after hearing her story, and after a follow-up visit with our trusted vet, we learned that her surgery was unfortunately not successful; she was in a lot of pain. Annabelle would need to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon if her leg was to be salvaged.

Sweet Annabelle is soft and patient. She has been so great to handle despite her pain and discomfort. We feel like she deserves a chance to walk with all 4 legs (if possible) and to be pain free so that she can run and play!

Fortunately, a quick call to visit with a trusted surgeon in the SLC area proved promising- he thinks we can save her leg and we can get her in on Monday.

Time is of the essence here, however, and we must quickly raise the money to cover the costs of the consult, surgery, and aftercare- BEFORE it heals any further. A best-case scenario- we will save her leg, a less case scenario- it may need an amputation. Either way, the cost is more than we can carry alone- WE NEED HELP!

The cost of these procedures will run us into the $2800 price range.
Because we are a non-profit, volunteer-run group, we can only provide care for animals like Annabelle when we have the funds to cover the costs.

We need your help! Please help us make this right for her- DONATE TODAY!

Much love, Annabelle and the Caws Dog Team

Thank you to all of Annabelle’s kind donors:

Emily Strobell

June 16, 2021

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Lacey Mikolash

June 15, 2021

Get well soon sweet baby.

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Janice Record

June 15, 2021

Get well soon Annabelle.

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Tiffini Sorcic

June 15, 2021

Heal quickly, sweet Annabelle! Thank you, CAWS, for taking care of this beautiful girl.

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Christine Bradley

June 15, 2021

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Melanie Hess

June 15, 2021

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