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UPDATE – 1/9

We are SO happy to report that Cassidy has made a beautiful recovery! She is a healthy 10 lb dog who has learned to trust again, and enjoys the company of the other dogs in her foster home. She has really gained some confidence and is happy as a clam!She is ready to find her forever home! We are actively seeking an easy going home that has a light atmosphere and even some other easy-going dogs to continue to provide friendship and guidance. She is hoping to be mostly a couch dog and does enjoy car rides!

Cassidy, as you can expect, will also need a family committed to her health and well-being. She will forever need to have regular portion fed meals, as opposed to free feeding (naturally she would never stop!), so that she can maintain a healthy but lean figure, avoiding any additional wear on her joints.

If you know of any extra special people, looking for an extra special pup, please send them Cassidy’s way!

Thank you again for your support and for helping us save her!

UPDATE – 12/6

This little spit fire has mastered the art of relaxation, and is thoroughly enjoying the leisure of all of life’s little conveniences! We are still working out the bugs with her front legs as they define the reality of her past life and hardships. We are hoping to utilize proper nutrition and supplements to correct it, however it’s very possible that surgery may be necessary. We are taking proper time and care to make the best choices for her future.

Our vet has prescribed care and medications specific to her healing and we are seeing results. This repair and healing will take continued time, and we are so thankful to be able to provide that to her. She demands her 2, well-rounded meals each day and makes sure everyone knows when it’s time!
She continues to make daily improvements, and with the help of the other gentle pets in her foster home, she is learning to enjoy life and actually PLAY, which has been pure joy to watch.

What a precious little spirit she has. Thank you for helping us help her!

Lots of love, Cassidy’s Crew

UPDATE – 11/23

Cass is really rocking this getting better gig! She has gained almost 2 pounds since we were graced with her little warrior spirit. She is getting along beautifully and warming up and showing more and more of her character each day! She barks very little anymore and that’s a big switch from the first part of the week as she was very nervous and uncertain of her surroundings, naturally.

After a very thorough check up with our trusted vet we have confirmed that her weak and painful joints are from years of malnutrition and from likely being kept in a space too small for her to move about, also a pretty severe hernia. In just a weeks time we have watched her slowly correct her stance and she is beginning to walk correctly! Her front left leg is giving her the most trouble and we are treating it with anti-inflammatory medication and intermittent cold packs- which she enjoys! We are supplementing similarly to how we correct a malnourished puppy with rickets- and our vet is confident it’s making a huge difference.

Originally she was believed to be around 7-8, but our vet believes she is much younger, probably around 4 years old. Her fur is coming in beautifully, very soft and silky. Her hydration is finally corrected as she has fresh water available 24 hours per day, upon arrival she was severely dehydrated.

Her blood work shows that most of her organs are functioning properly, with some concern with anemia and high proteins. She has been receiving high quality nutrition and supplements to support her intestinal and joint issues, we are now adding fresh organs and liver for the anemia!

She is free to move about and loves to venture around the house and yard, snuggle on the couch and go for car rides! We are SO pleased with how well she has improved and how much better she feels in just a week!

We will keep everyone updated as she progresses- for now she has proven her warrior status and we are so proud to have her as CAWS dog! <3



UPDATE – 11/18

Guys! We wish that you could all meet Cassidy! This girl is truly a miracle.
The shelter workers who first laid eyes on her were devastated, heartbroken, and confident that she would not survive- but here we are. Thanks in HUGE part to those shelter workers, our volunteer team’s quick actions, and your INCREDIBLE out pour of donations and support- This girl is making HUGE daily improvements. Our team of committed care givers have been spending the past few days giving around the clock care, providing constant high quality nutrition, and pouring non-stop opportunities for love and affection on her- which she soaks up like a wild woman!
She is enjoying the companionship of the other friendly animals in her foster home, exploring the space and safe confines of her foster family’s yard and home, and resting privately in her personal and plush crate space.

We will be updating with her medical status as soon as we have some solid information about where her path will lead. She currently weighs 6.9 lbs, and should easily weigh in around 12.

In the meantime- WE DID IT! She’s going to rise back up and shine and she now knows that we ALL have her back!

With SO much love and appreciation- Cassidy and her CAWS team

UPDATE – 11/15

We are SO incredibly humbled by the generous out pour of support and donations to help with Cassidy’s recovery!!! She is feeling the LOVE!!!

Just like her namesake- Cassidy has proven to have the gentle spirit of a little dove and the fighting character of a warrior.

She spent her first day getting pampered, receiving small high quality meals, laced with lots of praise and affection.  She spent her first night safely tucked in with lots of warm and soft blankets.

We will be working to get her little system back up and running before making any assumptions about her overall health, as she is responding beautifully to the basic (but plentiful) care she is receiving.  Meeting all of her physical, nutritional and emotional needs are at the very top of our priority list for her at this time, and once stable enough to undergo testing we will know more about where her path will lead.  She does appear to have some orthopedic concerns- very likely from a lengthy lack of nutrition. We hope to know more in the coming days.

For now, sweet Cassidy is safe!  YOU helped us get her here and we are so thankful for your generosity and passion for her.

With SO much gratitude, Cassidy the warrior and The CAWS team














In one split second, our volunteer team knew we HAD to help Cassidy.

What in the what?! Where did she come from? How long has she been this way? Who would do this? Our minds are riddled with horrifying images, and these are our same questions.

City workers found her abandoned in a crate so small she couldn’t stand up or move. Covered by a blanket, in a remote area, on a dead end road, in a field.

Even worse, she had only been there a day. One day. This girl has seen suffering like we can not fathom. She is still so soft, sweet and kind. Desperate for someone to see her value, to see all she has to give.

Unknown. Unthinkable. Unbelievable. Unfortunate.

What we KNOW this- we are going to give her our everything. EVERYTHING. We will pull out all of the stops to fix this and show her not only what the basic necessities are but what unconditional love and care looks like. We will stop at nothing.

She will never suffer another day in her life. NEVER. That is our promise.

At this time, her medical and nutritional care is unknown. Immediate testing and medical care for sure. Her teeth are horrendous, her orthopedic condition is not good, her physical condition is worse. She appears to have suffered for months, and possibly years.

We expect her medical care to start at $500 and go from there. Please help us raise the needed money to cover her medical needs, so that we can make this right.

We need your help- Please help us save her!








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