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Tiny 9-year-old Omar (5 pounds) needs your help. He has been diagnosed with a Grade III luxating patella. A Grade III is one of the most severe grades of patellar luxation in which the kneecap stays out-of-place most of the time. This prevents Omar from walking or running normally, unless (if) it pops back into place. Most chihuahuas with Grade III patellar luxation will have their kneecap remain out-of-place most of the time, which is very painful. Omar has compensated for the pain by walking like a bow-legged cowboy on his left hind leg. While several surgical procedures are designed to treat this condition, the most common (and the one we chose for Omar) involves widening the groove where the patella slides, repositioning the ligaments and tightening the capsules. Of course, this surgery is not cheap ($1,000), but we believe Omar deserves a pain-free future. If he doesn’t have surgery now, he will eventually lose the use of his hind leg. Please donate if you can. We appreciate any amount, no matter how small.

Please help us, help him! -The CAWS Team

Thank you to all of Omar’s kind donors:
Anonymous User

Gloria Van Noy

$65 November 7, 2021
Anonymous User

Cheryl Lynn Anderson

$300 November 7, 2021

Omar is such a precious boy. I love him so.

Anonymous User

Buffie & Dawn Chournos

$50 November 7, 2021

Your in good hands lil guy!

Anonymous User

David Milan

$250 November 7, 2021
Anonymous User

Betsy Casey

$50 November 5, 2021
Anonymous User

Karyen Larue

$200 November 5, 2021

Any Amount Helps!

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