Help CAWS get Jude and Star back on the run!

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We are REALLY feeling the hip pain this week.
A couple of our sweet little dogs arrived from out-of-town transports with some serious issues that we weren’t prepared for. 
Star’s story starts with CAWS when she was surrendered to a rural shelter and absolutely terrified.   As a high-risk, rescue-only dog who would freeze with fear in her kennel, she would never get adopted.  We felt she deserved a chance and made the call “CAWS can take her”.  
We expected a scared dog; what arrived was a scared dog with a fractured hip.  The horror to think that not only was she abandoned without a chance, but she was completely broken both physically and mentally.  As always, we commit to our dogs for their entire life and Star was no exception!  After a consult with our team of trusted vets we will need to come up with $1400 to get Star the future she deserves.
Jude came to us recently from a high-kill shelter in NM.  Upon his arrival we immediately noticed a major limp.  Turns out he has been living with a major hip fracture that our vet actually referred to as “Shattered”.  Due to not receiving care when he had been injured, his hip, once in many pieces, had fused together, causing him immense pain, to just walk.  He is a young dog who deserves a 2nd chance at a pain free life.  We were able to spare his life and now we are committed to getting him healthy and back on the road  The cost to do so is $1100.
Please DONATE today to help us help these abandoned and over-looked, everyday deserving dogs a REAL future!



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