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$3,060 of $7,500 raised


All of the dead tissue has been removed and her stomach has stitched shut. She’s now in a foster home recovering.


Zai’s fever spiked last night and she refuses to eat. They’re keeping her until Monday to continue bandage changes and to keep an eye on her temperature. They will assess her on Monday and see if the infection is cleared up.  Once her infection is gone, they can do the surgery to close her gaping wound.








Thank you to everyone who donated for Zai’s care so far! She got through her lortab overdose and was stable enough to get surgery for her infected tissue. She is able to get up and about now. She isn’t 100% out of the woods yet. She is still being monitored to make sure she doesn’t have any adverse effects and risks of infections. But it seems she heard everyone’s well wishes and of everyone’s generosity and gave us a smile today! Thank you all again and please continue to spread the word to help pay for her rising bills.








Sweet Zai needs our help! This girl has been used as a breeder’s income for years producing tens of thousands of dollars in “doodle” puppies and then was refused basic medical care when she suffered from mastitis. Zai is currently under 24 hour surveillance due to severe infection from mastitis that ruptured teets. She was then given deadly amounts of Lortab under the breeder’s care. The Veterinarian staff is currently working on stabilizing her and once stabilized will go into surgery to remove her dead flesh from her untreated infection. Just to stabilize her, we have been quoted up to $4,000 then she’ll need surgery and extensive care.

We need your help to get Zai stabilized and ready for surgery. Our goal is $7,500. Please help us by donating to her care. $5, $10, or any amount helps!


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