Emergency surgery for Eleanor!

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UPDATE – 8/27

We are ecstatic to report that sweet little Eleanor is doing FANTASTIC! It’s safe to report that she has made all but full recovery in the last two weeks! ❤❤❤. She still has some very minor, and likely long-term, bladder leaking/ incontinence that can be controlled with medication, which we have started her on after her follow-up exam. Her labs came back beautiful! Whew! What a relief to be here today, reporting that to you!
All of this was possible because of our amazing supporters and donors who jumped in to help us save her.
Thanks for being incredible and HOORAY for Eleanor! <3

UPDATE – 8/13

Whew! We made it home with Eleanor and we are relieved to report that she is doing so much better than the day she rolled into the shelter, near death.
She was happy to bust out of ICU, to see the nice cool grass, and have a fresh soft bed to rest on. She has a good appetite and has been pretty good about eating meals, taking meds and supplements, and resting throughout the day.
Now that her bladder is trying to regulate and recover from the severe damage she is going to need time for it to work properly. In the meantime, when she is resting, she is leaking.
We also have some concerns with her kidney function and are working to support and watch those levels as she recovers.

She is doing GREAT! We hope she will make a full recovery and then find her perfect, forever family.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this life-saving effort possible- we have so much gratitude for your generosity.
– All of us at CAWS

UPDATE – 8/10

Slowly but surely, sweet Eleanor is feeling better making little improvements each day.

The size of the bladder stone that was removed is truly unreal and nearly ended her life. She is still in the hospital and getting IV medication and fluids as her blood work is still not where we want it to be. Her foster stopped in to give her some love and she stood up to welcome the company and even tried to show off and eat a little- we are happy with her progress!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to help us cover her care, we are so very thankful for your compassion and generosity!







Eleanor was dropped off to be euthanized today for being “old, stinky, and sick” at a local Utah shelter. She was bleeding from her back end, severely dehydrated, had maggots in her eye, mouth, and hind area, and was so weak she could not stand. The shelter staff quickly decided she was much younger, and was clearly suffering from neglect and made the call to rush her to the vet instead of euthanizing- we are SO thankful for their quick thinking and for reaching out to us for help!

Once at the vet clinic they immediately did blood work, IV fluids, and an exam. The clinic performed emergency surgery, and they found that this little frail 12 lb girl had a VERY large and painful bladder stone, the size of a golf ball! There is a major concern that she may have other issues; however, the bladder stone is gone. She is in critical care at our vet getting IV medications and fluids. She is not out of the water and the next 24-48 hours will give us more information about her overall condition.

We are unsure about the details of her past or to what extent she has suffered. We are committed to getting her well! We expect her medical to start at $1000 and go up from there. Please help us help Eleanor TODAY by donating to her care. Any amount helps!
Much appreciation- The CAWS Team
Thank you to all of Eleanor’s kind donors:

Sarah Teasdale

August 20, 2021

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Nancy Alder

August 13, 2021

This poor darling! Thank you, CAWS for all the good you do

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Lisa Rico

August 12, 2021

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Catherine Jane Paterson

August 11, 2021

For Eleanor’s surgery

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Molly Griffin

August 11, 2021

Get well, little peanut!

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Jean Foulks

August 11, 2021

Get well, Eleanor ❤️💕❤️

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