The CAWS team heads for Houston!

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UPDATE: 9/7/2017

The Harvey hounds have been in Utah for a few days now.  We’re starting to get a grasp of the medical needs for all of the animals; it by far exceeds our expectations.  Many of the animals have been in for emergency vet visits since Monday, September 4th.

Here are some of the medical needs we are aware of so far:

  • So far 9 animals have tested positive for heart worm.  We still have many animals waiting in line to be tested. The testing and treatment will be expensive!
  • 8 puppies are being treated for ringworm.
  • We have 2 animals who have tested positive for mange, a skin disease caused by parasites.  These animals are being treated and their fosters need to follow a hygienic routine and watch for skin infections.
  • Two puppies have had emergency visits and have been given subcutaneous fluids to get them hydrated.

Update: 9/10/2017

Our sweet Aspen passed away last night due to the amount of damage her tiny body sustained prior to arriving to Utah. Run free sweet girl.

UPDATE: 9/8/2017

Aspen is recovering from her surgery.  She had a hole in her diaphragm.  This was causing her internal organs to put pressure on her lungs making it hard to breath.  She will be returning to her foster home soon for some well needed R&R!


This is Aspen.  Aspen hasn’t eaten since she arrived in Utah.  Aspen also hasn’t been sleeping.  Her foster mom quickly identified that there was a serious need to have her examined further.

Aspen was taken to AVC this morning (September 7th) to find out why she’s not feeling well.  It was discovered that she has a diaphragmatic hernia and was immediately taken in to emergency surgery.  This is a major surgery.  To repair the diaphragm, Aspen’s organs will need to be temporarily removed as they are blocking access to the diaphragm, which sits at the back of the abdomen.

This surgery is expected to cost at least $2,000.


This is scruffy.  Scruffy has tested negative for heart worm and mange.  This is good because he has other medical needs that would make those diagnoses difficult to handle.  Scruffy has a dislocated shoulder and front leg.  The injury is so sever that it will require amputation.





Meet Izzy.  Izzy is a senior pitbull who is enjoying finally being in a home.  It’s been discovered the Izzy has a lump in her throat, potentially cancerous.  CAWS will be having a biopsy performed to confirmed the nature of the lump and will hopefully be having it removed.



Charlie doesn’t want to look at any cameras, for good reason.  Charlie is in a lot of pain.  Thankfully he is in a great foster home to help him through his tough time.  Charlie is having a hard time eating hard food due to pain around his mouth.  He possibly has a bite on the side of his face.  It’s also been discovered that Charlie has a perineal hernia, causing additional pain and discomfort.  Charlie will need to undergo surgery to repair the hernia.





We are still working through all of the needs of every animal that has traveled to Utah and will post more updates as those needs are identified.  The needs of these animals definitely exceeds our initial assessment.  Even a small donation will help to give these animals a pain free and healthy life.

September 1st, CAWS departs for Texas

Our volunteer team has been anxiously watching the devastating and horrific video footage of the crisis in Houston; we know that you have been too.
CAWS has never been one to sit back and watch. Because of your willingness to open your homes to dogs/cats from this area, and because we have excellent connections and committed volunteers, CAWS is headed for Houston!

We leave at noon on September 1st. Our team will take 3 4 cargo vans and drive the 1,300 miles through the night to load dogs then high-tail it back to Salt Lake City!

We will be taking dogs and cats that have been in the Austin and Houston shelters since before hurricane Harvey.  These animals will come to Salt Lake to make room in the Texas shelters for Houston pets who are waiting to be reunited with their owners. About 120 dogs and 40 cats are expected to make the trip back to Salt Lake City.  We will bring the animals back for full vetting and help them find their forever homes. We will be sending out pleas for fosters as soon as we know the dogs we will have.

We know you want to help!
Please donate what you can.

Watch for live updates and videos on our facebook page as our team heads for Houston to Help the Harvey Hounds, and kitties too!

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who have donated supplies to help us make this trip successful!