Bosco’s Prolapse Repair

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Bosco is out of surgery and we are cautiously optimistic that it will be a success.  However, this is the first step of many in his road to recovery.  He is on his way to a loving foster home where he will need weekly b12 shots, folate, a high quality food, and lots of rest.  We are incredibly thankful for everyone’s support in helping Bosco get the surgery he needed. It literally saved his life.  We will keep you posted on his progress. THANK YOU!








Imagine this: Getting kicked out of your house; your family tethers you to the carport and never lets you come back in again.  You’re a good boy!  You promise to be better!  Why are you stuck out here in the elements, on a chain, alone?


The Reason?  Prolapsed Rectum:

You can’t walk with out having the urge to push, and your waste just falls out when you do.  No way to control the situation.  You want to be a good boy and come back into the house with your family but you’re not allowed.  You are not only isolated, but you are in excruciating pain with your soft tissue left exposed and hanging out of your back side.  Your dignity is gone.


Now multiply that by one whole year, sitting without medical treatment.  Suffering.


Meet Bosco.  This is his world.

To say we were horrified to find out about his situation would be an understatement.
After multiple consultations with our team of trusted vets CAWS has decided to make this right with poor Bosco and give this sweet and happy boy the medical treatment that he deserves.
Like most things rescue related, this comes with a hefty price tag of more than $2000.
Join with us to help Bosco get the surgery needed to repair his prolapsed rectum and move on to a much better and deserved life.  Please help us help Bosco by DONATING TODAY!
Thank you for your help and consideration,
Your CAWS team

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