Be a Rock Star and Help Elton the Kitten Get Back on his Feet

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UPDATE – 12/17

We were all really hopeful that Elton’s recent surgery on his foot would save all but one toe and clean up the infection that had set in. Unfortunately, at his recheck appointment this week, the vet found that the infection has spread. Elton isn’t losing another toe, but is losing the 3rd bone in the toe that was previously amputated.  The first two were removed during the first surgery and this last surgery took the bone back to the “palm” of his paw.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far, you are indeed rock stars!

His bills are mounting, so we appreciate any and all additional donations for his care.
Meanwhile, our intrepid community cat trappers have been out at the colony on several dark, cold nights to keep working on TNR for the adults. A tortie female nicknamed “Mommy Salami” is now safely spayed, vaccinated, and returned home (the cats live near a deli).

And surprise! More kittens! Lucky for two tiny ginger babies, super-trapper Tania scooped them up and got them home where they are warm, well fed, and safe now. The forecast was for 14 degrees that night! It is really late in the season for kittens this young and they are at high risk of death in the field.

Helping kittens like Elton and these babies and so many more keeps us motivated to go back day after day, month after month, until we are sure we have them all. Our volunteers are amazing. Please support their work and the cats they help day in and day out.








Elton’s back foot was sore. When his CAWS foster family took a look, something was really wrong. There was an open wound and they could see down to the bone! He was rushed in for an emergency vet visit. Luckily his foot can be saved but he will lose at least one toe. But his vet bills are mounting. Elton was born outdoors in a feral cat colony, where an injury like this could have meant death. He is safe in a CAWS foster home now.

Your donation in any amount will help cover the costs for Elton’s treatment ($500) and his colony’s full trap-neuter-return (TNR) intervention ($50/adult cat). Any additional funds raised will support our community cat program.

Elton is one of nine kittens that CAWS Community Cat Crew volunteers helped trap recently at a site in southwest Salt Lake County after getting a call from a concerned resident about a growing colony of cats. CAWS is one of the few rescue groups providing TNR assistance in our area. This includes help for injured cats and kittens like Elton that need extra vet care. CAWS was founded 25 years ago to help community cats, and we are still at it. As Elton’s namesake Sir Elton John sings, “Someone saved my life tonight.”

Wherever possible, young kittens are placed in foster homes for socialization and then our adoption program. “Born wild” kittens like Elton go from feral to friendly thanks to our dedicated fosters. Any unsocialized older cats in the colony get spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations then go back home so they can live decent outdoor lives, like the 8 adults at this site. Thank you for helping Elton get back on his feet!








Thank you to those who have donated towards Elton:


Cate Cooper

December 30, 2019

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Audrey Mabie

December 18, 2019

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Amity Calvin

December 18, 2019

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Tony Colby

December 17, 2019

For the newbies in the basket

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Jen Spackman

December 15, 2019

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Tony Colby

December 14, 2019

From Lucy. I love all black and white kitties.

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