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Sweet Hendrix’s is in big-time trouble. He can’t stand up, he can’t balance and he walks in wobbly circles. This baby poodle came to us when his family surrendered him to the shelter in serious need of emergency medical care after being dropped by the family’s toddler.
We initially felt that Hendrix had a Traumatic Brain Injury which is requiring 24 hour vet care, hand feeding and constant supervision.
Hendrix is stable, happy, and in the best care however we feel like he should be making more improvements and feel that our best chance of helping him survive will require more testing.
For now we are keeping him safe and comfortable. If we are to help this baby win the fight we will have to do more then that.
CAWS is committed to the animals in our care and will do what ever is necessary to help them along in their journey. In this case, Hendrix is just starting out in life. We must do what we can to give this baby a chance.
Our current bill with our 24 hour vet, including meds and some testing, is at $850. We expect to see that number rise in the coming days.
Will you help us save baby Hendrix?