Help Sam ~ Auto-Pawdestrian Accident Survivor!

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Update – 7/7

Sam is doing so well, he’s even venturing out to sniff & get acquainted in his foster home. He’s very curious about the resident dog & warming up to the resident cat. We’ll have pictures of him to share very soon. Thank you, donors, for your generosity & kindness.

Imagine you’re out for a walk on a beautiful summer day, when BAM! something loud, scary & SO much bigger than you are slams into you!  That’s what happened to Sam the Man (soon to be Hop Along Sam) over the weekend.  He was left dazed & in pain but tried to jump up & shake it off…but the next thing he knew, he was unable to stand up!  His day had taken a near deadly turn for the worse in a matter of seconds.

Sam’s femur was broken in several places, so it may seem crazy to say that he was lucky but he actually used up 2 of his 9 lives that day & lived to tell about it!  After the accident he was rushed to the vet for treatment, but when the owner found out an amputation was needed, they decided to have him euthanized rather than pay for his surgery and care for him during recovery.  It was the birthday of one of the vet tech’s, and she just couldn’t bear having to put down such a great cat only because he had a broken leg.  With the clinic’s permission she contacted CAWS to ask if we could step in to take him & get him the surgery that he needed.  Tripod cats adapt wonderfully and, while you’d never wish this on a cat, it seems they end up with a certain swagger & charm.
Sam is having his surgery today, June 29th, and even with our rescue consideration, it is going to be $1200. We’re hoping that you’ll donate what you can to help him get back on his 3 good legs!  CAWS and Sam very much appreciate all donations regardless of the amount.  Won’t you please “hop along” over to this link and make a donation today?
Thank you to all of the Sam’s kind donors:

Alissa Blake

June 30, 2020

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Jacqueline Haddenham

June 29, 2020

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Janice Record

June 29, 2020

Please help Sam get well.

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Erin Saunders

June 29, 2020

Speedy recovery, little one!

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Patti Spencer

June 29, 2020

Prayers for a speedy recovery and the finding a wonderful forever home.

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Travis Johnson

June 29, 2020

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