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UPDATE – 1/24

Atlas Update: He got his dental surgery done this week and is recovering well, according to his caregiver. But now he has something wrong with his ear and needs another vet visit. We are hoping to raise a little more to fully cover his bills.

Thanks so much to all who have donated so far to get this guy back on his feet, literally.

Atlas Rising – 1/22

Atlas the cat was recently found in Grantsville, Utah. He was stumbling and dirty, starving, dehydrated, and blind. He had no collar and was not microchipped. His teeth were so infected that he could no longer eat and had been living in severe pain.

The person who found him put out a call for help. Some of our experienced cat rescue volunteers picked him up and got him the vet for an emergency assessment. Among other issues, his kidneys were in the process of shutting down. At the point of his rescue, he was nearing death. Atlas had been rescued just in time.

Dedicated volunteers brought him home for intensive care, carefully restarting feeding and re-hydration. This has stabilized him enough for another round of veterinary treatment. Luckily, his blindness turns out to be temporary, caused by starvation and dehydration. According to his caregivers, this sweet guy really wants to live and be free of pain.

His medical care so far has cost nearly $300 and his dental surgery is estimated at least $500.
Donations in any amount will help us reach our goal to fully cover his medical costs. It all adds up. Volunteers put in innumerable hours and a lot of their own funds for rescue efforts and basic animal foster care. But these sorts of vet bills are out of reach for individual rescuers.

CAWS is stepping in to cover Atlas’ medical care so he can get treatment immediately and continue his healing journey. Cats can do very well with few or no teeth once they heal up. He will make a full recovery with our help.

Once he fully recovers, he will be available for adoption and placement in a good home instead of struggling on the streets. This sweet and resilient senior cat is so grateful for his new lease on life.


Thank you to all of Atlas’ kind donors:
Anonymous User

Mary Thompson

$25 January 24, 2020

Get well little one.

Anonymous User

Jen Colby

$35 January 24, 2020

Senior cats in need have a special place in my heart. Thanks to everyone who worked to get him to safety and recovery.

Anonymous User

Laura Bullock-Hill

$100 January 23, 2020

Thank you Janeen, CAWS, caregivers & everyone who has helped to save this precious boy. You're all the very best! We have no idea what… Read more

Thank you Janeen, CAWS, caregivers & everyone who has helped to save this precious boy. You're all the very best! We have no idea what happened to him, but you've all saved him from certain death. He's a very lucky boy, and you're all his angels. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3 ~Laura

Anonymous User

Cindie Thornton-Kosanke

$25 January 23, 2020

For Atlas. Thank you for helping him.

Anonymous User

Amber Skolnick

$25 January 23, 2020

thank you for helping atlas <3

Anonymous User

Jade Fisher

$10 January 23, 2020

For Atlas


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