A Healthy Heart for Baby Bob

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Update – 8/2p

We are THRILLED to report that our little fighter, Baby Bob, had an exceptionally successful surgery and blew the doctors away just 24 hours after as his PDA was a HUGE SUCCESS. The hole in his little heart was much larger then they had anticipated and Bob was absolutely in heart failure on the day of his arrival. Upon his discharge yesterday his heart was pumping nearly the normal rate of an active and healthy puppy- whoa!

The surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff instantly fell in love with Baby Bob and agree that his survival and successful surgery is nothing short of a miracle (and some skilled and steady hands).

Baby Bob has a recheck in two weeks and a one month echocardiogram before we can be 100% sure he is in the clear. From here however, it’s all looking like Baby Bob will have a very bright and very long life ahead of him, possibly withOUT the need for medication! Thanks to everyone who pulled together to literally save his little life!

We STILL desperately need donations to cover this procedure and have not quite raised 1/2 of the money needed- please DONATE TODAY and help us do that! Surgeries like these make a huge difference to a dog or cat who would otherwise not survive.

Thanks again to YOU, our incredible supporters!

Xoxo- Baby Bob and team ❤️

Update – 8/27

Baby Bob arrived safely to Fort Collins yesterday and spent the night with the hospital staff in ICU. Yesterday he underwent more testing and some precautionary procedures/medications to be sure he could have surgery today, in hopes of minimizing risk, as he is definitely high risk. We have found SO MUCH comfort with this whole process as the staff, nurses, and Doctors at the Colorado State University, Veterinary Hospital have monitored him and called us around the clock to keep us updated. The surgeon who will be performing Bobs surgery today is the best of the best and teaches veterinary cardiologists how to be cardiologists- we lucked out! Bob showed some improvement over night and the Dr’s are cautiously optimistic about his surgery today! Please say a little prayer for Baby Bob that his surgery will go well today and that his recovery will also be quick. We can’t wait to get this guy home and on to the rest of his life-
SO MUCH thanks to our supporters and donors. We have raised a substantial amount of money, but still have a ways to go. Please share Bob’s fundraiser and donate to help us pay for his life saving, emergency surgery if you can.

Lots of love- The CAWS Team and Baby Bob














The minute baby puppy, Bob, made his way into this world his foster momma knew he was special.

Bob was the 4th baby born in his litter, to a terrified momma dog that made her way safely to our rescue group from a high-kill shelter, just days before settling in to deliver her pups. Of her 8 puppies born, just 6 survived, and bob with obvious birth defects. We know the harsh reality is that the survival rate for a pup born with birth defects is extremely low and set our expectations for his survival accordingly.

However… Baby Bob had other plans, and has persevered with a fighting spirit.
Today marks his 10th week in this world and he didn’t get this far without a strong will to survive, and a team of people who would give everything to see him succeed.

Bob was born with obvious birth defects- his little body didn’t finish developing an area of his skin and he was born with a large hole in his side. With some special care, that hole slowly closed up, leaving a big white patch of hair to remind us that nature works small miracles each day.

Bob has some cognitive delays and is not developing as quick as his littermates which prompted us to see the vet again. Sadly, after an exam and some blood work we now know that he also has a hole in his little heart. What can be done? What options do we have from here? This fighting little spirit, with the odds stacked against him, has not given up. We MUST fight with him.

After a thorough exam with a specialized cardiologist, we now know that he will need a special surgery to close the hole in his heart called a PDA. This unique surgery will give the very best chance at survival and a long healthy life. Without this surgery, Bob will go into heart failure and die in a matter of weeks. Bob’s committed foster will drive a full day to get him to the Colorado State University, Veterinarian School, where he will undergo an exam and then surgery the following day. Our costs to fix his little baby heart will come at a cost of $4500. We are committed to see him get the help he deserves to live a long, healthy life, but we can’t do it without your help!

We are a non-profit animal rescue group and can only provide care for special animals like Bob when we have the funds to do so. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please donate today, together we can save him.

Rooting and praying for Baby Bob,
-The CAWS Dog Team

Thank you to all of the Bob’s kind donors:

Brandon and Danielle Kirk

September 3, 2020

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Jenny Padilla

September 2, 2020

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Alissa Blake

September 2, 2020

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Kellianne Matthews


September 1, 2020

This story touches my heart so deeply, I wish I could cover the cost of anything this little guy needs--but for now, here's a little along with much love and many prayers toward … Read more

This story touches my heart so deeply, I wish I could cover the cost of anything this little guy needs--but for now, here's a little along with much love and many prayers toward an amazing recovery and a long and happy life! <3

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Kathryn Kolquist

August 30, 2020

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Teresa Draper

August 30, 2020

I wish I could do more. Thank you 🐾🐾♥️

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