A Deep Breath for Dusty

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UPDATE – 12/17

Dusty is almost a week post op and still his happy self. Dusty went to the vet today after he was coughing more than he should be after his surgery. They did some x-rays and found that he has aspiration pneumonia. He was placed on two antibiotics and one medication that will help with his motility of his food in his lower esophagus and stomach. He is excited to finally be on the road to recovery, so he can find his furever home and show his family his goofy self. Until then he’ll be snuggling in with his foster siblings by the fire, healing.

UPDATE – 12/11

A huge shout out to the many generous supporters who have helped ensure that Dusty can now embark on his journey of healing. He is scheduled for an early morning endoscopy followed by the corrective surgical procedure tomorrow, December 11th, with Dr. Will Becker, DVM at Granite Veterinary Specialists. Dr Becker is a board certified small animal surgeon who has extensive experience performing these types of procedures and we are confident Dusty is in very capable hands. During the procedure one side of his larynx will be permanently secured, thus opening his airway. Please keep Dusty in your thoughts tomorrow and watch for post surgical updates in the days ahead. Thank you again for your generous support!








Meth Exposure:
This destructive drug destroys families, homes, lives, and did you know it also wreaks havoc on the innocent pets who are subjected to it? You don’t hear much about it because it’s not always clear how a dog or cat is affected, but in Dusty’s case- It’s devastating.

The Damage:
What was initially thought to be your basic kennel cough, turns out to be a life threatening condition, called “congenital or environmentally caused, bilateral laryngeal paralysis” commonly referred to as LARPAR. Basically his windpipe is forced closed, all of the time, and he is in a constant state of panic and suffocation. Can you imagine the horror? This simple, but risky, surgery will pull back that flap, holding it permanently open, allowing him to calmly breathe indefinitely. This surgery has a high rate of success and will give him a fair chance, at a long happy life.

Dusty is just a baby at 6 months old, we are horrified with his condition. How terribly unfair that he would suffer to this extent! This surgery is his only chance at survival. Without it, his throat could swell shut and he could suffocate at any given moment.

Despite our best outsourcing efforts, this surgery comes at a whopping cost of $2200 + aftercare, a hefty price for a non-profit rescue, but a pretty small price for the value of a young and unfairly cheated life.

Because we are a non-profit rescue group, and can only provide medical care if we have the funds, we need YOUR financial help! Please donate today and help us give Dusty the life he is rightfully owed!

Much love and appreciation- Dusty, and The CAWS Dog Team xoxo








Thank you to those who have donated towards Dusty:


Martha Walters

December 16, 2019

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Kate McCune

December 13, 2019

I’m sending you all my love sweet boy! ❤️

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Shaelee Eddy

December 10, 2019

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Jen Beaven

Jen Beaven

December 9, 2019

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Danette Mead

December 9, 2019

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Maria Medina

December 9, 2019

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