Hi, I’m Blu and I am 12 years old. I’m a long-legged 8-pound shiny black male Chi. I’m very sweet, but need a little time to feel totally safe with you. I do love to be gently scratched on the back of my neck and will tap you with my foot for a rub. I love my human(s) so very much! I’m generally very protective of my home, so when you have workmen there, just pick me up and hold me so that I know you are in charge (not me). I am a very confident boy and am fine with weather-related sounds. Even though I don’t have many teeth (only 3 molars on the bottom), I still a good eater and like dry food with a little water added. For my perfect family, I need to be in a quieter household. I’d be great as an “only” dog or with other CALM dog(s). I’m completely house trained and crate trained. I currently sleep in my foster mom’s bed at night, but am in no way a bed hog. I’m still very spry (and playful), but I will need stairs or a cube
to get on/off your bed. I don’t bark in the yard, but I do alert bark at the evil postman or whoever comes knocking (again, just pick me up)! I can live anywhere; I will just need to learn to do my business on a leash if you don’t have a fenced yard. And by the way, I have very nice leash manners. In the spirit of transparency, I do have a Level 4 heart murmur. It really doesn’t bother me. CAWS had an ultra-sound done and test results showed that my heart is still strong and I’m as adoptable as any other dog. I just recently started taking daily doses of inexpensive heart medication to ensure my heart remains strong. Won’t you overlook this small medical condition and pick me? I am a sweet older gentleman, with a huge personality, looking for my very own calm family to watch over.