Kuck, Hiking the Appalachian Trail

$810 of $1,000 raised

Kuck is an avid hiker and backpacker. He is a lover of nature, animals, and the simplistic way of life. At 40, he is finally fulfilling his life long dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail. He is a great supporter of CAWS and their mission and hopes to one day foster and rescue senior dogs.

Starting during the Spring of 2018, Kuck is taking on the challenge of hiking the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine!  He wants to make every step count and will be raising money for CAWS during his adventure.
Hiker: Kuck
Trail: Appalachian Trail – Georgia to Maine
Length: 2200 miles, 3500 km
Months: April through August/September
Milestones: Every 250 miles (approx 2.5 weeks)

You can follow his adventure here and join him in pledging towards helping CAWS animals.

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Donation Total: $25

Milestone 9; 2000- 2175 Miles:

9/14/2018: Zero Miles Remaining!  

Kuck’s journey began on April 20th, 2018.  Over the next 144 days, Kuck hiked over 2,100 miles across the Appalachian trail, raising funds to benefit CAWS animals along the way.  This is a fantastic accomplishment.  Congratulations to Kuck for persevering the terrain and making it safely to the end of the line in Maine.  CAWS is so grateful to Kuck and those who donated towards his journey.  100% of the donations raised will go directly towards saving an animals life.

Milestone 8; 1750- 2000 Miles:

8/31/2018: Can you believe that this journey started in Georgia??  Kuck has reached Maine, the final state in the adventure!  ~180 Miles Remaining

Milestone 7; 1500- 1750 Miles:

8/20/2018: 1750 miles down!!!  Kuck has crossed New York state and most of Vermont!  ~413 Miles Remaining

Milestone 6; 1250 – 1500 Miles:

7/30/2018: 1500 miles covered!!!  Kuck has traveled out of Connecticut and is crossing New York state !  ~677 Miles Remaining

Milestone 5; 1000 – 1250 Miles:

7/10/2018: 1144 miles covered!!!  Kuck has traveled out of Virginia and has reached Pennsylvania !  ~1,130 Miles Remaining

Milestone 4; 750 – 1000 Miles:

6/30/2018: 1008 miles down!!!  The crew is traveling through Virginia towards Pennsylvania!  ~1,264 Miles Remaining

Milestone 3; 500 – 750 Miles:

6/3/2018: 600 miles down!!!  Kuck is cruising through Virginia at a fast pace!  ~1,575 Miles Remaining
6/18/2018: Over 700 miles covered!!!  Kuck has reached and passed McAfee Knob, elevation 3,197 ft!  ~1,476 Miles Remaining

Milestone 2; 250 – 500 Miles:

5/11/2018: Kuck has passed mile marker 300!!!  He has made it to Tennessee and has passed Max Pack mountain, an elevation of 4,629 ft!  ~1,875 Miles Remaining
5/29/2018: Kuck hit the 500 mile point and is now in Virginia.  At Roan High Knob North Carolina he reached an elevation of 6,285 feet. He has passed Mt Rogers and has started the long journey across Virginia.  ~1,675 Miles Remaining

Milestone 1; 0 – 250 Miles:

4/20/2018: Beginning at Springer Mt, GA, Kuck has traveled 31.1 miles.  He has traveled passed Blood Mt, GA and has hiked an elevation increase of 676 ft.  ~2,143 Miles Remaining
4/27/2018: Kuck has traveled 121.5 miles and is now in North Carolina.  He is 1.3 miles North of Wayah Bald and has hiked an elevation increase of 1560ft.  ~2,058 Miles Remaining
5/4/2018: Mile marker 200!!!.  Kuck has passed Clingmans Dome and has hiked a peak elevation of 6,643 ft!  ~1,979 Miles Remaining

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