The New Mexico shelter told us that Olive was a shy little Lab mix, about 10 months old, in danger of being euthanized if not tagged/pulled by a rescue. How could we say no? Olive came to CAWS in early December 2018, via a 12-hour transport ride. Immediately upon removing her from the travel crate, we noticed she wasn’t putting weight on her right rear leg. Two days later, Olive underwent her spay and at the same time had x-rays taken of her leg. The spay went perfectly, but what the x-ray revealed was heartbreaking. Olive’s right rear leg had been severely broken 4-6 months earlier and was left untreated. The break had started to mend itself even though the shards of bone were not even close to being aligned. We were devastated to think of the pain this gentle soul had endured for more than half her life. At that point, we conferred with a specialist to see if the leg could be saved. Unfortunately, there was no way to fix it and so Olive underwent amputation surgery. It was crazy how fast this little tripod bounced back! By the second day, she already wanted to play with her foster mate. Her foster mom posted her progress on Facebook and Olive’s antics caught the eye of a former CAWS adopter, who fell madly in love with her story and courageous spirit. Olive was adopted three days into 2019 and is now living her dream with former CAWS dog, Goldie! We are told the two girls are inseparable!