Tripp was found (with his two sisters) at just 8 weeks old. All three were scooped up and brought to CAWS. The kittens were feral and absolutely terrified of people. Poor Tripp would hiss, growl, and attack when his foster mom got close to him. He didn’t realize that a one-pound kitten, no matter how feisty, just isn’t that scary! In fact, tiny Tripp was the furthest thing from ferocious! With lots of work, patience, and love, all three kittens evolved into sweet domesticated fun-loving little felines. But this is Tripp’s story and it was Tripp that made the biggest and most amazing transformation. Sweet little Tripp was born with a deformed back left leg. It was curved upward and around his back-end, extending under his tail. It was useless and flopped around, just slowing him down and getting in the way. Since we couldn’t fix his leg, the decision was made to amputate it in order to give him a better quality of life. Baby Tripp was really small for his age, so his foster mom had to wait a few months for him to get big enough to undergo amputation surgery. Finally, his surgery day came and Tripp came through with flying colors! Thanks to CAWS and our wonderful vet, our boy had a seamless recovery and eventually was able to run and play just like the other kittens in his foster home! As a result of his birth defect, Tripp’s spine grew crooked, making him look a little off balance when he walks. But that just makes him even more wonderfully unique. And did we tell you that this little tripod now purrs when we approach and rolls over for belly rubs?  But there’s more! Our precious Tripp found his forever family yesterday. Our hearts are overflowing with joy!