A local shelter reached out to CAWS for help when one of their dogs (8-year old Jango) became extremely sick. We immediately went to the shelter to pick him up and found him to be very lethargic. The shelter said he hadn’t eaten in days. We knew he was in trouble! We rushed him straight to the clinic, where they confirmed Jango had severe pneumonia. The doctors put him in an oxygen tent and gave him multiple antibiotics, IV fluids, and minute-by-minute care. Even with everything they were doing, Jango wasn’t responding the way we had hoped. His stats would finally go up, but then as soon as he was taken off of oxygen, he would crash again.  We were scared we were going to lose him. We knew he would need around-the-clock care until he stabilized if he were to have any chance to survive. So we made the decision to transfer him to Advanced Veterinary Care of Utah, a 24-hour hospital. At AVC, Jango was again placed in an oxygen tent. The vets also decided to insert a feeding tube, as he still wasn’t eating on his own and getting steadily weaker. Everyone at CAWS was pulling for sweet gentle Jango. We could see his true fighting spirit shining through! You can imagine how ecstatic we were when Jango finally turned the corner after 3 days in Intensive Care! Our boy was finally well enough to come home to recover! And recover he did!  Jango is now available for adoption!