Popeye and Olive

There are 41 million strays in Juarez, Mexico and this is the story of two of them making their way to CAWS! Popeye and Olive are bonded; we think Olive is Popeye’s mom. While living the horrific street life, Olive managed to keep Popeye safe. Luckily, these two pups were trapped by an Albuquerque-based rescue group operating in Juarez. When 3-year old Popeye and 5-year old Olive were originally rescued, they were placed on a lengthy “in-foster” quarantine in Juarez and then fully vetted. The Juarez foster mom saw something really special about this dynamic duo and so the rescue jumped through hoops to bring this pair to the U.S. for rehoming. As a side note, only the best-of-the-best dogs make it across the border for adoption purposes. Once in the States, the Albuquerque rescue posted Popeye and Olive as a bonded pair needing U.S. rescue backing. Enter CAWS onto the scene. We brought these two precious pups to Salt Lake City and immediately provided each with a much-needed dental. When Olive’s and Popeye’s picture was posted for adoption, we immediately received four applications. Yes, their wonderful forever family was among them. With all the odds stacked against them, these loving tiny fluff balls finally have their “happily ever after” where they are spoiled and loved absolutely every day! Have an incredible life Popeye and Olive!