CAWS kitten Magoo was adopted with his sister (Rigby) and lived in Wyoming for 3 years. Sadly, the original adopters declawed them both. The adopters then fell upon hard times, and instead of returning the cats to CAWS as required, they gave the cats to an acquaintance, who in turn gave them to yet another acquaintance, who in turn put them outside to fend for themselves. These two declawed and defenseless cats, with no knowledge of the outside world, were on their own. We’re not sure how long Magoo and Rigby were in the elements, but at some point they were both picked up together by animal control and taken to a Wyoming shelter. The shelter scanned their microchips and contacted CAWS, informing us that Magoo had multiple puncture wounds and an abscess. They believed it was a result of an animal attack. The shelter’s vet cleaned his wounds, inserted a drain, and put him on antibiotics. CAWS immediately drove to Wyoming to bring them both back to Utah because once a CAWS animal, always a CAWS animal. Fortunately Rigby was unscathed; but sadly Magoo was a mess. He looked like he had been flayed from leg to leg across his belly. His wounds (now one big wound) were full of pus and oozing; obviously very infected and painful. He could hardly walk or sit. Once at the hospital, Dr. Swain cleaned the wounds, connected what tissue she could with staples and inserted 4 drains. She told us that he would need additional antibiotics and probably multiple surgeries. Magoo’s recovery would be a long process. That said, Magoo was the ultimate fighter and miraculously he only needed one additional surgery! After the tissue either healed or died, Dr. Swain was able to close him up, leaving just one small open area to close on its own. Throughout his recovery, Magoo was sweet, loving, snuggly and playful. We are happy to report that Magoo has been adopted by an extended member of our CAWS family! Thanks to the shelter for their initial care, CAWS volunteers (transporter and foster mom), and Dr. Swain for your part in saving Magoo’s life!