Senior cat Dash was a stray picked up by Weber County Shelter, where he stayed for 4 weeks. His health began to decline, so the Shelter posted a rescue plea on Facebook about Dash, stating that he had a very infected mouth and only 5 teeth remaining. The post said that Dash was in so much pain (not eating, crying and pawing at his mouth), that they had made the humane decision to euthanize him if he wasn’t rescued. CAWS stepped up and one of our awesome cat fosters drove up to Ogden, picked him up, and immediately took him to an emergency vet. The amazing thing about Dash was that he purred as soon as we had physical contact with him and he did not stop. He must have been in excruciating pain, yet he was gentle and loving with us. This poor senior was filthy, matted, and had sores inside of his mouth. The vet found that Dash had severe stomatitis, did a dental extraction of the 5 teeth, and put him on antibiotics. Dash’s gums were still very swollen and infected. Sadly, a few weeks later, Dash was in severe pain again. The vet did X-rays and found that he had 3 partial teeth which had probably broken off previously and the gums had grown over them. So Dash underwent a second dental and those teeth were removed. It took him a few weeks to recover, but he is fine now! He is now clean and soft, happy, playful and has a huge appetite! It has been wonderful to witness him making such a comeback.  And just recently, our sweet boy Dash was adopted by a great lady who loves him and will care for him always! Dash now lives the indoor life. If not for CAWS, Dash would have been euthanized!