Roo Hops to Utah

A very small rescue in Texas reached out for help from CAWS, asking if we could take 10 of their dogs. CAWS stepped up and transported all 10 dogs to Utah. Sweet Roo was one of those dogs! Roo (short for Kangaroo) was born with a stunted and deformed front left leg. Her leg was mostly useless, about half as long as it should be, withered, and ended with a stump, rather than with a foot.  She did use it from time-to-time as a crutch when running, but mostly it was just dead weight that she had to carry around. We knew for Roo to be able to live the full life she deserved, the leg had to be removed.  And so, shortly after she came to CAWS, Roo had surgery and became a tripod! The first 3 days after surgery were pretty rough on her, but by Day 4, she began moving around pretty well.  Within a week, our girl was actually running (albeit not very fast!). Roo soon became the darling of CAWS as her foster mom posted video updates of her progress. Finally, 14 days after her surgery, she had her staples removed and Roo was deemed 100% healthy and adoptable. Roo’s pictures and biography were posted on-line the following day and she received three incredible applications almost immediately. Ultimately, Roo was adopted by an absolutely perfect family and we couldn’t be happier for her. Roo has a little boy to watch over and a playful canine brother. We are told that Roo is doing well in training and is the teacher’s pet in her class. No surprise there!  Her mom told us that eventually, if Roo agrees, they would like to train her to become a therapy dog!  How perfect is that for our sweet little tripod!