Cold Morning for Olie

The temperature was below freezing when the staff of West Valley Animal Shelter came to work that morning. In their doorway was a cardboard box (no blankets) with a tiny kitten inside. This boy was covered in blood! The shelter staff cleaned him up and took care of this kitten the best they could. But the staff decided the best way to help this beautiful little guy was to reach out to CAWS for help. Of course we responded and the next day, one of our awesome CAWS foster moms picked him up and took him straight to our vet. We needed to have a health assessment done and also find out where the blood had come from and why. It was during the vet visit that his foster mom named him Olie. When West Valley Shelter found Olie, they thought he was approximately 2 to 3 weeks old because he was tiny (only 14 ounces).  But as our vet took a closer look, she determined that Olie was approximately 6 weeks old and just extremely underweight and malnourished. As a reference point, 6 week old kittens usually weigh around 2 pounds, so he was less than ½ the weight he should have been! The vet also found out where the blood came from. Someone had cut all of his nails well below the quick.  Can you imagine the amount of pain he must have had to endure?  Once arriving in his foster home, Olie began to thrive, eating high calorie food, being spoiled by his foster parents, and being shown the ropes by the two resident adult cats, Olga and Buster. When Olie was almost 4 months old, he finally weighed enough to be neutered!  And 4 days later, this precious boy was adopted.