Breck and Baxter

Not too long ago, CAWS posted on our website and Facebook that two of our beloved CAWS kitties, Breck and Baxter, were returned by their adopter after almost 6 months. The post said they were again available for adoption. We knew it would be difficult to find these bonded siblings a forever home this time around because they were now adults now at just over one-year old, and one of the boys (Baxter) had hypoplasia (a non-life threatening disorder occurring when the cerebellum does not completely develop, causing jerky movements, tremors, and generally uncoordinated motion). But then a miracle came to CAWS in the form of an email. It said, “I saw on your website that two cats, Breck and Baxter, were adopted and then returned. Do you happen to keep records on how they originally came to you? I ask because back in December 2016, I fostered for the Carbon County Animal Shelter and was bottle feeding/fostering two newborn kittens. I wanted to keep them, but I was not in a position to do so at the time. I asked the shelter to coordinate with CAWS, knowing these two boys stood a better chance with a rescue, especially the little one with hypoplasia. I am wondering if these two cats are those same kittens I fostered. I have since moved into my own house and am better able to provide a loving home for them. And, if by chance, these are the same two, I would love to apply to adopt them both, so as to give them the forever home I wasn’t able to provide before.” ♥♥♥ In case you haven’t already guessed, these are indeed the very bottle babies she saved a year earlier. The boys, Breck and Baxter, are now where they were always meant to be, with the mom who never for a minute stopped loving them.