Brandy, the Obese Chihuahua

As you may remember, CAWS undertook an amazing project back in September 2017, driving non-stop to Austin, Texas in order to rescue over 100 dogs scheduled for euthanasia as a result of Hurricane Harvey. With the vans mostly filled, but still having a few empty crates, our CAWS team opted to add a few “stowaways” from New Mexico on their way home. And this is where our story begins with Brandy, the obese Chihuahua! As often happens with some owners, Brandy’s previous guardian equated love with food, feeding her anything and any time she desired. And so, for 2 years Brandy ate and ate and ate! Then suddenly, her owner passed away and poor Brandy, now weighing a whopping 13 ½ pounds and resembling a loaf of white bread, was dumped by family members at a local Albuquerque shelter. Was it serendipity or destiny? Either way, this chubster became one of the few New Mexico stowaways! Once in Utah, 2-year old Brandy started her weight loss journey, after receiving a dental (8 teeth extracted), having a cyst removed, and being placed on Apoquel to provide relief from her severe food allergies. With the help of long brisk walks, controlled portions, a lot of string beans, weekly weigh-ins and the love of her foster mom, Brandy lost 5 ½ pounds in the next 4 months, hitting her goal weight of 8.0 pounds. She had lost 42% of her body weight! Brandy became playful and more social. But for whatever reason, this beautiful girl continued to be overlooked at adoption events. Finally, five months from the day Brandy arrived in Utah, she found her family! And what a perfect family she has! Brandy (now Faith) is loving her new life and being the center of her mom’s universe!