Billy the Border Collie

Border collie Billy found himself in a small rural shelter after being picked up as a stray. This sweet boy was missing his right foot at the wrist. The shelter reached out to CAWS and we responded with open arms and hearts! When we met Billy, he was hobbling with a bloody stump. But despite his obvious pain, he was so sweet and just loved everyone he met! Billy was a great patient, letting us clean and wrap his leg daily. We brought him to several specialists because, initially, we wanted to fit him with a prosthetic. But we were told that his leg was too damaged to support a prosthetic. Billy’s only option was amputation and to continue his life as a tripod. With no other choice, the surgery was done and, within 24 hours, Billy was up and hopping around. During his recovery, Billy had to re-learn things like getting up/down stairs and lifting his leg to go to the bathroom (quite the balancing act on just two legs). But finally, he was ready to find his forever home. Through it all, Billy had the most chill and loving personality. He reminded his foster mom of an Aussie she had fostered 2 years earlier. On a whim, she reached out to that adopter to ask if she was looking for a second dog, and, as luck would have it, she was! The two pups met; their relaxed attitudes melded perfectly. Billy was officially adopted a few weeks ago and is enjoying snoozing on the couch with his brother, going for short hikes, and holiday shopping at City Creek Mall!