Bebe has been with CAWS since September 2015, when she was found as a kitten in a feral colony. From the beginning, Bebe was timid and showed fearful aggression by hissing and growling. Even the smallest noise sent her into hiding. Slowly, with patience and love from her foster family, and careful introductions to other humans coming into the home, Bebe began improving slightly (but not enough to be able to attend adoption events). Sadly, Bebe was deemed to be “not very adoptable”. In June 2017, Bebe became very sick and her foster mom rushed her to Willowcreek ER. Her liver values were horrific and her prognosis was guarded. Bebe was refusing food/water, so the vet placed a feeding tube through her esophagus and into her stomach. Her foster mom had to feed her every 2 hours through the tube. Bebe was kept in her foster mom’s shower the entire time to ensure she didn’t snag her tube on anything. Bebe began improving and finally eating/drinking on her own. Just when we thought her feeding tube could be removed, she developed an abscess that broke through her skin right below her tube. Again, Bebe was in the ER and sent home with antibiotics.  FINALLY, after 2 long months, Bebe’s lab work had drastically improved, she was gaining weight, and her feeding tube was removed! The final diagnosis was that a virus had attacked her liver. Surprisingly, she was very sweet during this entire ordeal, but her foster mom worried that her fearful and aggressive behavior would return once she was feeling better. But that was not the case! To this day, Bebe remains the most loving and grateful cat ever! Once her incision and abscess wounds healed, Bebe was determined to be out in the “general population” with the other cats and the resident dog.  She now runs to see her foster mom and begs to be held, so that she can give wonderful cat hugs and head butts. Bebe doesn’t hide or hiss anymore when other people come to visit.  She has truly blossomed and found her confidence after going through her medical ordeal.