When our CAWS drivers first saw Traeger at Austin, Texas Pets Alive facility, they actually thought he was dead! This 6-week old puppy seemed terribly malnourished, had lost large amounts of hair, and was extremely lethargic! CAWS didn’t have the heart to leave him behind, so he was tagged and ultimately brought to Utah with the nearly 100 other dogs from Harvey Hurricane Texas Transport. This 4-pound pup was so much sicker than anyone realized! He had ringworm, parasites, and severe malnutrition. He did nothing but eat and sleep the first week in his foster home. During the second week, his foster mom noticed that one (and then both) of his front legs were beginning to buckle. The vet told us he had Rickets! Rickets typically shows up in starving children from impoverished 3rd world countries, but as we found out, it can also present itself in severely malnourished puppies. After 8 long weeks of proper nutrition, controlled growth and supplements, and heavy doses of hugs and love, Traeger beat all odds! We are happy to report that this precious bundle of love has completely recovered from the ringworm, parasites, and Rickets! Traeger’s legs have grown straight and this once tiny pup has gained 11 pounds! All of Traeger’s ailments are behind him now and, at 3 ½ months old, he weighs almost 15 pounds! If that news isn’t spectacular enough, you’ll be happy to hear that this sweet little fighter has found his forever family! Talk about a success story! Congrats Traeger!